Home & School

Our mission as Home & School is to strengthen the union between parents, teachers, students, and God by promoting healthy, educational, and fun activities that benefit both school and community. Our goal is to reflect and uphold our Christian values while seeking to offer support to enhance the Christian education experience for everyone involved.

Our School’s Anti-Bullying Program
Launched October 2017

While we launched this program during national anti-bullying month (October), we want to continue to take this opportunity to teach our students more, and to help them see ways they can be a positive impact in their school, families, and communities. 

We have multiple connected programs that we will be introducing over several months with our students. Community outreach efforts and school programs will increase our students’ overall awareness that choosing kindness is a decision we make every day to show God’s love to our world.

If you have any questions, please contact Lena Williams, one of our wonderful Home & School Leaders, at lenasw@comcast.net or the school at office@myphaa.com.

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