What is a-g?

The a-g requirements are referring to a portion of the application to a University of California school. The letters refer to different areas of study a student must have completed prior to graduation to be eligible for entrance into the UC system. These requirements have also been adopted by the Cal State system as well as several others such a La Sierra University. To see what a-g approved classes we offer in a given subject area, click on the subject then scroll down to the appropriate area to view the classes we offer in those areas.


Area of Study - Subject - Years Required/Recommended

a - History/Social Science - 2 years

b - English - 4 years

c - Mathematics - 3/4 year

d - Laboratory Science - 2/3 year

e - Language Other Than English - 2/3 year

f - Visual & Performing Arts - 1 year

g - College Preparatory Elective - 1 year