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At PHAA, a student does not just get prepared for college. PHAA strives to give an education that grows the whole student. Students learn skills that will prepare them for life after high school. Teachers know the students personally and are able to help, encourage, and guide them on an individual basis.

Students at PHAA range in grade from kindergarten to high school senior. Elementary students are in the care of caring, understanding teachers. They are instructed using new approaches to standard education and cooperative work. The students are blessed every Friday with a chapel, giving them opportunities to sing and hear encouraging talks. Field trips are an integral part of the learning experience, giving the students practical learning experiences.

Middle School
The middle school works hand-in-hand with the elementary and high school, nurturing the maturing students and preparing them for high school. The Study Buddy program pairs a middle school student with an elementary student, which gives the older student someone to mentor and encourage. The middle school program keeps the students in a very close family setting, unifying the classes. The eighth grade highlights their year by going on an outdoor education trip every year to Camp Wawona, an Adventist retreat center in the Yosemite Valley.

High School
PHAA’s high school is vibrant and dynamic. Students are constantly in contact with dedicated teachers and students from all four grades. No class is restricted to a certain group, and some students have the opportunity to take more advanced classes. Within each class, there is the freedom of individuality and personal ambition. Teachers recognize and nurture students who show an interest in working hard. Teachers will work with students who need extra assistance with work or other problems. Many social events are planned throughout the year, starting with a Get Acquainted outing, many banquets, and weekly chapels. Seniors end their year strong with their own senior trip, a last bonding experience to remember, and the graduation weekend.

Leadership and student involvement are strongly encouraged at PHAA. There is a thriving Student Association led exclusively by high school students. During the school year, the SA plans the Get Acquainted Day outing, banquets, and other social activities. Students interested in leading their peers will find a welcoming environment for their skills. The school yearbook is student-run and is growing in size and popularity. 

If you want the excitement of team sports and exercise, you are at home at PHAA. Flag football and basketball are available to men and women, and women can also participate in volleyball. Soccer and softball are growing sports at PHAA. Both have had a relatively short life here, so all who are willing to participate may. All sports are against local Adventist and Christian high schools. PHAA's football and basketball teams have placed first in tournaments, and this year our basketball teams are in the playoffs in the CIF championship.

For those interested in music, many options are available. Choir is available for all students all years of attendance, and high school students interested in higher-level choral works have the opportunity to join the Chamber Singers. Handbells is another opportunity in high school. Orchestra is offered from third to eighth grade, with lessons for beginners. Touring and performances are significant portions of the program. Our groups have performed in Disneyland, Seattle, and Magic Mountain, along with frequent performances at local churches by the Chamber Singers and bells.

Students interested in gaining work experience have many opportunities at PHAA. Many campus jobs are available, ranging from teacher’s assistant to computer tech. Those who work in paying jobs are able to apply the pay to tuition.